Tulang Diot

Tulang Diot (Little Island) is a part of Pacijan Island. It is across Tulang Daku and from the distance you can see it’s mesmerizing beauty. The smallest island in Camotes, but by far most romantic.

You can reach to the island in a few minutes from Tulang Daku village with small pump boats,  Pph20 for each person and Php10 tourist fee to maintain a nice beach.

Around the island are best snorkeling and diving spots with big beautiful corals and ship wreck on 40m.

On the beach is possible to rent a romantic bamboo cottage or tent. Good for family picnic and parties. You can also rent a pump boat to tour around.

Tulang Diot is now offering cold drinks, affordable food like calamari, chicken barbeque, french fries and more.

There is no resort for accommodation but you can rent a tent to experience sleeping on the shore.

There are sari-sari store (small shop) that sell a bottle of water, biscuits, drinks, and other daily needs. For your convenient, bring your drinks and foods.

On the island is a small village, school and church.

Electricity is powered by generator. If you go there for overnight, you will see the beauty of stars and the moon while all lights are off at 10pm.