For whom this house is ideal – home or investment?

This beautiful property is ideal for somebody who wants to start a new, happy, healthy, and relax life in the Philippines. Here are living nice friendly people, the sun is shining almost every day and time runs much slower than in Europe, America, and other developed countries.
You will enjoy living here if you are a romantic kind of person who loves nature, a healthy lifestyle, sea view, freedom, and peace of mind.
Maybe you are a businessman from a developed country who lives a stressful life, working 12 hours a day seven days a week and you feel that you are tired of this kind of life.
Maybe you don’t want to finish your life as some of your friends or business partners who got a stroke or who are fighting with cancer, high blood pressure, or diabetes.
Maybe you have a family with children who are already adults living their own independent life, and you are dreaming that you change your life. Imagine that you move from a country with a foggy and cold winter to a tropical paradise with the warm, sunshine weather.
Maybe you are already thinking about retirement after 40 years of hard work, and you would like to enjoy the rest of your life in a beautiful tropical country.
Life is much cheaper here, and people are open and friendly. After you rest from the stressful life in your country in your new house, you can start discovering some of the most beautiful places in the Philippines like Palawan, Bohol Boracay, or rice fields in Luzon.
And later you can visit amazing neighboring countries and places like Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia…
Maybe you are single again and after a painful divorce, and you are dreaming about a new young beautiful wife who will take care of you and your new home. She can also travel with you around the Philippines and other Asian countries.
And in the evenings, you will sit together on the patio after dinner and enjoy a glass of champagne while listening to romantic music and watching a sunset.
For sure, you should be wealthy because this is a dream house. Let’s say that you are from Munich in Germany, and you have there a beautiful family house. If you sell your home there, you can buy here a luxury house with swimming pool, in a romantic tropical island. And since real estate prices in Germany are much higher than in Philippines, you will be left with plenty of money to enjoy for the rest of your life.
And apartments on the property can bring you additional income and joy of cognition with people from all over the world.
I was reading an article about real estate prices in Germany, and there was information that the cost of an average house in Munich is 7.700€ per square meter. So, there is a price for a small house of 100sq.m. 770.000€, but on our island, you can get a big beautiful dream house for 680.000€

Authors of website


My name is Aleksander, and I am from Europe – Slovenia. I was an entrepreneur for most of my life, and I had a successful management training company and a quite hectic life there.

In 2016, I sold everything I owned in my country, and I retired earlier, redeeming the missing years.

Moving from Slovenia to a new life was one of the smartest things I’ve done in my life. I moved with my family to Philippines, where we start a new life. Here I see and feel again what means happiness and peace of mind.

Here I am doing most of the time things that I enjoy, with the people I like, as much as I want.

Practically every day, I take time to exercise, swim, meditate, read books, and coordinate the work in our family-owned business, Inmar International.

Our business goal is to bring internet solutions to our island, mostly in creating web pages for real-estate, touristic resorts, municipality, and private companies.

My wife Melariel is the best thing that happened in my life. She is from the Philippines, and we also have 6 years old son.

Melariel was living in Europe since 2010. She was a partner in our training company, and she was also studying marketing, how to make websites, professional photography, videography, and graphical design.

We are the perfect partners in our internet business. I have 40 years of experience in human resource management from England and America, where I was studying and training and marketing experience from different countries in Europe where our company was working and advised.

I am very creative, but not patient and persistent, but Melariel is the opposite personality that makes a perfect combination for our business.

And this website is an example of what can we create together.

What website offers

We made this unique website so that YOU – potential buyer, can get any important or interesting information about:

  • All three houses on the lot,
  • Property with swimming pool on the location near the beautiful white sand beach,
  • Barangay Santiago where is located this extraordinary property and home,
  • Our beautiful island with numerous white sand beaches, a lake, caves with refreshing cold water, where you can cool down on hot days and mountains where you can enjoy mountain bike riding or hiking.

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Who are current owners

Tor and Christina met in Israel 22 years ago. Christina was working in Tel Aviv, and Tor was there as a part of his work in the Army. They got married, and Christina moved to Norway. In 2000 Tor was serving as a peacekeeper with the UN in East Timor. They meet in the Philippines for eastern, and that was the start of their adventure in the Philippines. They built their first house in Bataan, north of Manila.

They dreamed a house with an eternity swimming pool near the sea on the beautiful and peaceful island, and they fall in love in Camotes.

They wanted to have a house with stunning ocean views in such a place that they could enjoy the sunsets from their terrace in the evenings.

And when they start building and buying furniture and house equipment only the best was good enough for them, because “we are living only once!”

Why are they selling this house

Current owners would like to live more time in Sweden where they have an apartment, and they plan to travel more than now, and besides, they have still a big farm with a comfortable house in Bataan north of Manila and condo in Cebu.

Why foreigners like to live in Philippines
 Is safe in Camotes Islands
How much can you earn with renting apartments?
When was house build
How good is construction of house
What is a quality of house equipment?
Connections with other countries
Mactan Airport to Jomalia ticketing/ fast craft

From Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Jomalia Ticketing Office, Lapu-Lapu City is about 7 minutes ride. It will take an hour to reach Camotes Islands.

Mactan Airport to Danao City port

From Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Danao Terminal it will take you about 45 mins. to an hour, it depends how much traffic. This option is good for those who have a vehicle.

Consuelo Port (Camotes Islands)to Santiago (the property)