CareTaker’s House

The caretaker’s house is on the right side of a lot. It has 61m² of space, and it is fully equipped for a family. It has a living room with a kitchen, sofa, big terrace with sea view, two bedrooms and a big toilet and a shower.

Living in this house are a family who take care of all houses on the property, garden, and swimming pool.
To their credit, the house and lot are so well maintained and tidy.
If a buyer of a property wish to have it, it will be easy to rearrange this house to make it as a tourist apartment that can contribute additional income.

Floor Plan


CARETAKER'S HOUSElength m. width m.
Square meterSquare feet
LIVING ROOM4,003,3513,40144,24
KITCHEN & DINING4,003,3513,40144,24
BEDROOM 12.93 2.938,5892,41
BEDROOM 22.93 2.938,5892,41
TERRACE GARDEN VIEW1,438,0011,44123,14