Pacijan Island

Pacijan island or known as San Francisco has a population of 55,180 according to the 2015 census. It has about 14.75 kilometers (9.17 mi) long and 8.5 kilometers (5.3 mi) wide. It has 15 barangay.
The island has no traffic jam, less polluted, and almost no crime happens. Locals are very friendly and their hospitality makes your trip one of the most unforgettable.
Stunning white sand beaches, Lake Danao, Timubo cave, mountain areas (bike thrills) are one of the best spot a must visit.
San Francisco town has a hospital, a small shopping center, bank, pawnshops and a clean market.
If you are in town on Sunday, drop by in the market early in the morning, it has a lot of interesting stuff to see. People from around whole Islands come and sale furniture, flowers, and more.
Pacijan island or San Francisco has newly constructed roads. You can travel around the island using motorcycles, private vans and jeepneys. Hire them on the port of Consuelo or Poro. Watch on Youtube