The hidden paradise

Camotes Islands are the hidden pearl of Philippines with pristine clear water, beautiful white sand beaches, caves where you can swim in a fresh water and few mountains with beautiful view around. Camotes consists of four islands: Pacijan Island (where is our house), Poro Island, Ponson Island and the tiny Tulang Diot Island. Island excursions offer exciting tours, additional opportunities for adventure and immersion in local culture. Explore our incredible island, meet locals, enjoy fantastic meals in an open-air restaurants at romantic locations, such as sunset, and beach. Moreover, Governor Gwen Garcia plan’s to develop Camotes Islands airport to make the place more accessible to the public. As of now, you can access only with boats.

Tour around the island

It is the best way to go with motorcycle or if you are in group, rent a jeepney to our locals.


Camotes has an exciting and interesting place for bikers.


Camotes is still like a hidden paradise, so diving in this place is interesting. The corals are beautiful and much more to discover.

A Breathtaking Waterfall

Enjoy the fresh water in the nature.


The unspoiled, stunning, white sand beaches surrounded with natural forest.


Refresh yourself with a cool, refreshing water in the caves.


They offer from sea-foods to international food for a good price. It is located in Santiago Bay beach.

3 Beans coffee shop

They make the best coffee in Camotes Islands. It is located in the main town of San Francisco.